It’s a Beautiful Day in the Pittsburgh Social Media Neighborhood

I’ve been thinking about neighborhoods and neighbors lately. One of the things I love about Pittsburgh is its neighborliness. From what I’ve seen Pittsburgh has some of the friendliest people in the world. They make good neighbors, and Fred Rogers was the exemplar par excellence. It’s sort of a city with […]

What to Pack in Your Uncamping Bag

We’re fond of calling PodCamp Pittsburgh an “un-conference,” but that term only means something if you know what a conference is.  Most of us do.  They’re (usually) dull, dry, stuffy and bland, with dozens of strangers languishing in a hotel ballroom, trapped in their banquet chairs, desperately avoiding eye contact. […]

If Social Media Is a Conversation, What Questions Should You Be Asking?

One of the most-used phrases in social media is an invitation to “join the conversation.” But what are we all talking about? In some cases, brands are listening to what their customers are saying about them (and their competitors), and trying to get better at doing business. In other cases, […]