Sharing the PodCamp Experience – Melissa Carey

Sharing the PodCamp Experience If there is one thing I take away with a breath of excitement after attending PodCamp, it always comes down to this one word…sharing. Sure, if you know what PodCamp is, you realize it’s purpose is to share information, ideas, and input on all things internet […]

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Pittsburgh Social Media Neighborhood

I’ve been thinking about neighborhoods and neighbors lately. One of the things I love about Pittsburgh is its neighborliness. From what I’ve seen Pittsburgh has some of the friendliest people in the world. They make good neighbors, and Fred Rogers was the exemplar par excellence. It’s sort of a city with […]

PCPGH5 Video: Using Drupal 7 for Blogging” David Wheeler

Using Drupal 7 for Blogging The Drupal 7 version of the Drupal CMS is being released with improved features for bloggers including ease of installation and maintenance and improved handling of images, videos, and audio tracks. This session will cover reasons for using Drupal, installation and maintenance of a Drupal […]

PCPGH5 Video: “Memo From Your Blog’s Legal Department” Cristopher Hoel

Memo From Your Blog’s Legal Department What? Your blog doesn’t have (or need) a legal department? This session might change your mind, by providing introductory, general information concerning legal issues relevant to bloggers. Topics may include copyright (including fair use); defamation (including liability for third-party content); shield laws and compulsory […]

PCPGH5 Video: “SWF Seeks… The Birth of a Blog: How I Evolved from Lurker to Creator” Terra McBride of Stylish White Female

SWF Seeks… The Birth of a Blog: How I Evolved from Lurker to Creator Terra McBride has been involved in social media in some form since 1998. But it was in November 2009 when McBride went from a relatively passive participant to a full-blown content creator. She began her personal […]