Using a Blog and Social Media to Document My Art Process (Saturday 3:00-3:55)

Session Description: For me, it’s about starting simple and keeping myself accountable to projects via my blog. I use this blog, Instagram, and eventually, youtube to help build community, build a brand, create art and share my creative process. Takeaways: 1. To show businesses and individuals that anyone can start […]

Using Social Media as Immersive Theater (Saturday 2:00-2:55)

Session Description: Everyday, we are bombarded with many small bursts of content on social media that try to capture our short attention spans. But what if these content can be coordinated to provide the consumer a meaningful, immersive, and dramatic experience that lasts more than 5 seconds? In this session, […]

Why Good Sound Matters (Saturday 1:00-1:55)

Session Description: Great podcasts sound great. Or at least they should. (Just ask any listener). But also ask an audio engineer and you’ll learn the technical reasons why some podcasts sound so much better than others. Getting podcast audio to sound “great” is really a simple matter of applying a […]

WordPress for Podcasting (Saturday 11:00-11:55)

Session Description: When podcasting became a thing over a decade ago, there weren’t many options for distribution. In order to share our podcasts, we needed to develop a home for them – somewhere where people could find us online that was easier to work with than simple listing sites like […]

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone (Saturday 10:00-10:55)

Session Description: I think a lot of people have difficulty in finding guests for their podcasts and building their network.I’ve been able to get interviews with Clint Hurdle, Mike Tomlin, Dr. Henry Cloud, and many other local and nationally known leaders. I can give a talk on my step by […]