Session Description:

Manifesto: a public declaration of intention, desires and motives… What’s you Manifesto? There are two things that keep us from taking action and becoming the greatest versions of ourselves. One being other people point of view and the other being the lack of a clear personalized life vision, or in other words, the lack of self-awareness. Without vision, people perish and without self-awareness, it is difficult to create a vision worth living. This has been known for centuries and serves as the inspiration for what I call The Manifesto Project. The Manifesto Project is an innovative initiative designed to increase self-awareness and formulate a clear vision for your life. The Manifesto Project is a 3 step program that includes a Self-Awareness Workshop, a Story Building Workshop and a Virtual Reality visualization tool, which is used to simplify daily visualization practices.

This talk will give the audience insight into the life experiences that led to the development of this idea and how I’m using that story to expand my personal brand/idea. I share this story because I truly believe that everyone has lived a life worth sharing and there for has a story worth telling… and you never know, their story might inspire someone else to create a life worth living!


1. Clarity of Personal Vision for Life
2. Perspective on Neuroscience & Reality
3. Patients


Kwame Jackson