Session Description:

I think a lot of people have difficulty in finding guests for their podcasts and building their network.I’ve been able to get interviews with Clint Hurdle, Mike Tomlin, Dr. Henry Cloud, and many other local and nationally known leaders. I can give a talk on my step by step process for getting meetings with podcast guests, how to make the most of them, and how to cultivate them after they’ve been on the podcast.

I could also do talks on multiple other things: Never giving up, the power of 1 listen, the importance of starting, lessons I’ve learned from developing a small membership-based leadership business, how to solicit sponsorships, and many more.


1. How to get a meeting with anyone.
2. How to develop questions for your interview.
3. How to handle the interview.
4. How to follow-up after the interview.
5. How to make the most of your network once it’s built.


Doug Smith