Social Media for Non-Profits: My session will focus on the basics dos and don’ts of maintaining a social media presence as a non-profit. Topics will include how to build an interest in donating to your cause by using your social content to it’s best potential, how to appeal for donations, attract volunteers or raise awareness in the best manner without offending or losing your followers, and what to look for in emerging networks and if it’s worth your resources to be on them or not. To that point, the session will move onto how to best use the resources most effectively, as most non-profits have limited resources to begin with. To finish, the session may be opened up for people to do a quick series of examples of what has or has not worked in their social campaigns.

What are three key takeaways attendees will learn from your session?

-Build an interest and following for your cause/organization
-How to best manage resources in building social campaigns
-How to best leverage existing and emerging networks to the best use of your organization

Lead by:
Zack Tanner

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