I really enjoyed leading the Podcasting 201 session last year, but this year I’d like to switch it up and address one of the foremost struggles faced by podcasters — longevity. Every year, I see new shows being established by optimistic podcasters who have a lot of drive and desire, but don’t know how to maintain their output. It’s not long before their episodes begin to dwindle and their websites become graveyards of dead content. With this session, I plan to help aspiring, new, and established podcasters ensure the longevity of their podcasts by focusing on the 4 C’s: consistency, community, concept, and character.

What are three key takeaways attendees will learn from your session?
1. Consistency: How to generate reliable content and stay on schedule.
2. Community: How to build an audience by fostering a fanbase for your podcast and its website.
3. Concept: How to establish a core premise for your podcast that can remain compelling over time.
4. Character: How to develop a personality for your podcast and make it stand out from the crowd.

Lead by:
Nick Marino & Neal Shyam

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