Panelists Tony Norman (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette), Chris Potter (Pittsburgh City Paper), and Aria Charles (Best Buddies) will join moderator Sue Kerr to discuss fairness and accuracy issues when covering issues related to diverse communities and issues. Is this just about being “PC”? Who decides what’s fair? Where do you turn for help with the language and acronyms? Do the same rules apply to MSM and social media?

Most important … why does it matter? Panelists will draw on their professional expertise as well as their personal experiences as the subjects and loved ones of social media coverage of issues pertaining to race, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability, mental health, religion and more.

What are three key takeaways attendees will learn from your session?
*Links to professional, credible guides and resources you can consult when creating content related to diversity.
*Fairness & accuracy vs political correctness.
*Style guide suggestions for unique social media challenges ie “How to tweet about issues with really long words”

Lead by:
Sue Kerr

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