So you want to attend PodCamp? The following items can serve as your guide for getting the most out of this awesome, two-day, chock-full-of-goodness event.

What exactly IS PodCamp?
PodCamp is the most awesome thing in Pittsburgh.

But if you really want to get specific…

PodCamp Pittsburgh is a social, new media conference. Although it started in 2006, this year marks the 10th event in Pittsburgh. It was originally built around podcasting (hence the name PodCamp), and has since grown across North America. PodCamp Pittsburgh has also evolved into a study of information sharing online and how it affects us in different ways every day.

At PodCamp Pittsburgh, you’ll learn how to get started (or how to grow) sharing what you do with everyone else in the world through voice, video, pictures, text and other forms of media. You’ll find out what (and how to use) the latest tools others are using to accomplish great things.

When does it start?
This year’s event is scheduled for the weekend of August 15 and 16, 2015.  Stay tuned for details about our Friday night meet n’ greet event!

Who is going?
Why, the coolest people in Pittsburgh — that’s who! We get a great mix of folks each year at PodCamp. Beginners looking to get into social media. Tech nerds. Bloggers. Designers. Social media rockstars. Those looking to network. Business owners — big and small. Basically, anyone who wants to learn or share information about all that is online. Oh, and there are no age limits (although we don’t really recommend you bring your 6-year-old).

When should I sign up?
Registration is OPEN!  You don’t have to register to attend, but we appreciate it when you do.  And, if you register as a VIP attendee, you get some spiffy perks.  You can check out more details about the perks on our Sponsorship page and through the Eventbrite page.

What sessions should I attend?
Take a look at the schedule once it’s posted. You’ll have your choice of sessions. You can click on each to get more information and see what fits you best. Want to attend two that are happening at the same time? No sweat. Although we don’t offer cloning, we WILL post all sessions online afterwards, so attend one then watch the other later. (P.S. If anyone can clone, email us, let’s talk.)

What should I wear? What should I bring?
We keep things pretty casual at PodCamp. Jeans are fine. Prom dresses? Not so much. Take a look at this video to get a sense of the “dress code.”  Also — bring your laptop, camera, cell, iPad, or other device if you’d like. WiFi and outlets will be a-plenty. Take lots of pics. Tag your Instagram photos and tweets with #pcpgh9. And you can also get real old school by bringing just a pen and paper.

Do I have to be a certain profession to attend? Or be a master of the interwebz?
Nope! We don’t discriminate. All are welcome. All will benefit.  We have introductory sessions as well as more advanced sessions. 

Can I pitch my business to people?
If you’re a speaker, we’ve got a no-pitch policy. However, if you can offer something for people to learn about your business, though, by all means discuss! Feel free to also bring business cards and network. Just don’t get all sleazy used car salesman on us.

What’s the difference between VIP and General admission?
VIP tickets cost $30.00 and Regular tickets are FREE. VIP registrants are treated as individual event sponsors. They have their names listed on the PodCamp Pittsburgh website, with a link to their website and their Twitter name. VIP attendees get a cool T-Shirt for the event, and also get a swag bag of materials provided by our corporate sponsors.