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September 2010: Our relationship with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has been amazing for the growth and development of PodCamp Pittsburgh.  PCPGH 5 boasted the largest group of bloggers, podcasters, photographers, programmers, artists, teachers and business owners to date: 400!  With the assistance of live video cast and chatroom interaction, those numbers were even higher, as we had live participants from various locations, including Germany!

Highlights included:

  • With the assistance of Vivo Live, webcams in each session room, and mini laptops in each session room for chatroom interaction, PodCamp Pittsburgh 5 became the definition of interactive social media.
  • The schedule for PCPGH 5 filled up faster than previous years, and again boasted a healthy diversity of sessions ranging from our standard 101 and 201 sessions to more in-depth and specialized sessions.  This year also saw our very first live PodCast session from AwesomeCast. Various sessions, in addition to being cast through Vivo Live, were also life casted by one of our session speakers, Stephen Heywood from The Tech Buzz.
  • Did we mention we had live viewers and participants from Germany?  As in Europe?

For many attendees, PCPGH 5 may have been the smoothest run PodCamp Pittsburgh event to date.  Having learned from the capacity issues involved during PCPGH 4, session rooms were set up with assigned overflow rooms with live video feeds on-site.  Instead of stuffing people into the nooks and crannies of our capacity sessions, the additional rooms allowed speakers and attendees to participate in a more relaxed and inviting environment.  For those who were unable to attend due to distance and scheduling conflicts, we again provided video feed, both live during the event, and then uploaded to our website following the event.

Attendance at PodCamp Pittsburgh 5: 400 attendees (September 2010)

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