Did you know tomorrow’s International Podcast Day?  It’s almost as if we picked this year’s PodCamp date intentionally.  We’ll get into more about International Podcast Day a little later.  In the meantime, today’s like Christmas Eve, but not as cold.  Our crew will be getting little sleep as we make final preparations for the big weekend ahead.

First up, we’ve got a great weekend of content ahead for everyone – starting with tonight’s Meet ‘n Greet event at Sorgatron Media.   In case you missed the big news – we’ll have Noble Stein Brewing Company on hand serving up their Jubilant Haze (Vermont IPA) and Mallard’s Landing (Extra Special Bitter) for the night.  A big thanks to them for being part of this year’s PodCamp Pittsburgh.

The main festivities for PodCamp will be kicking off at 9:00am Saturday.  Doors will be open at Point Park around 8:30 to allow everyone to filter in.  Remember, we’re in the library – not the main building for PodCamp.  Need to park?  Point Park has a great listing of local garages here. Otherwise, if you haven’t had a chance to check out the schedule, you can see what we’ve got planned for the weekend over here.

As far as Saturday goes, remember to bring your business cards with you!  There’ll be plenty of people to chat with and talk about some of the great things you’re doing with your podcasts, social media, website, blog, and/or web video.  Know what’s a great opportunity to have those discussions?  Lunch!  Make a new friend this weekend and go to lunch with them.  Not sure where to eat Downtown?  We’ve got you covered.  We’ve culled through the local eateries Downtown within a few blocks of Point Park, and have put together this handy list – with links to websites (so you can see culinary options and directions easy enough).   While you’re having lunch with your new friend, be sure to take the opportunity to share something you’ve learned and learn something from them as well.

We have multiple options for anyone interested in after party festivities this year as well.  The River’s Edge is hosting a pod party event starting at 6pm in Millvale.  You can find out more information about the pod party here. If you’re looking for something a little more local, our group of organizers and attendees generally venture to a local establishment to continue the conversation over dinner and drinks.  We’ll be sure to share more about where we’re doing that on Saturday.

Doors on Sunday will open around 9:00, and we will be using the day for hands-on workshops.  Bring your notes and a list of things you’d like to learn about.  We’ll be doing some hands-on tutorials – with attendee content.  That means we’ll have an chance for you to get on a list for an opportunity to work with one of our volunteers on your actual podcast, social media, website, and/or video project.  Keep in mind that we’ll be doing those hands-on lessons in front of whomever is present – to use it as a teaching opportunity for the group at large.