This year we’re headed to up-and-coming Beechview for the Friday night Meet ‘n Greet event to kick off PodCamp Pittsburgh 2017.  A quick ride out of town on the T, Sorgatron Media is conveniently located a short distance from the Hampshire Avenue stop, with driving access from both West Liberty Avenue (via Hampshire Avenue) and Banksville Road (via Coast Avenue).  If you’ve ever driven past the Beechview Las Palmas taco stand, Sorgatron Media is located directly across the street.  (They pretty much drool at tacos most days.)

Sorgatron Media
1619 Broadway Avenue, Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

(You can see more information and RSVP on the Facebook Event Page.)

This year’s Meet ‘n Greet location is the perfect kick-off for PodCamp Pittsburgh as our friends at Sorgatron Media have been involved with PodCamp Pittsburgh events since practically the beginning.  Owner, Michael Sorg, attended the first PodCamp Pittsburgh event and became involved as an organizer the following year.  He has been an instrumental part of the event ever since!

After attending the first PodCamp Pittsburgh event, Mike realized his passion for podcasting.  It was something he endeavored to do full-time.  He started his own podcast while working as a video editor at a 9-5 job.  As his passion grew, so did his podcasting.  He became part of the Pittsburgh podcast movement.  As a driving force behind Pittsburgh podcasting, Mike started to build a client base and was able to leave the 9-5 to pursue his passion.

The new studio space is the perfect addition to the budding Beechview business scape, and a great opportunity to show off how a podcaster turned his passion into a burgeoning business.

p.s.  The Google Street Map view may show the building as pretty much condemned looking.  That’s just how new the space is!  We assure you, it’s way nicer than pictured on Google.

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