This my be the most ironic blog piece to write on a tech blog about social, but it needs to be said every once and a while: “Please get off of social.”

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat can cause some major anxiety today. There is the political side of social, the constant showing of success and failure and the pressure to say what you are doing just in the right way not to offend anyone.

So delete your social. I know, I know that is just crazy talk. What if your business relies on social? What if you have no other way to spend your lunch break?

I did it. I didn’t last as long as I wanted, but I did it. I started with baby steps:

1: I set up my social to auto-post: I used buffer and auto scheduled my Facebook posts on my business page for the week.

2: I bought a book. The book stores still exist outside of Amazon and downloads.

3: I deleted the apps. I did’t deactivate my accounts. Except Snapchat. I deleted Snapchat over the decision of how to use it for my business.

I would say it only lasted a week before I added the apps back onto my phone. That week was considerably less stressful.

If you decide that giving up social isn’t a good idea but you know that you have to focus or stop looking at your phone all the time I suggest a productivity app. My favorite is Forest: Stay focused, be present. You can pick a time and grow a tree. The more trees you grow the more your forest grows. If you pick up your phone there is a reminder to get back to work.

If you are finding the need to unplug or stop the noise you should be okay taking the break you need. Read a book. Take a walk. Your Facebook will be there later.

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