Blogging is like running a marathon.

Yes. Wrap your heads around that for a moment.

Now, let me explain. A marathon is a race – a 26.2 mile race. It is most definitely not for the weak or ill-prepared. It requires training. It requires dedication. A few runners I’ve met who have run marathons indicate there is a point where you just get tired of running – both physically and mentally.

Blogging may not be running or require training, but it does require dedication. Whether you are blogging daily, weekly, or at some other interval – you are providing scheduled content. One of the easiest ways to build a following for your blog is through consistent and interesting posts.

Each year at Podcamp we touch upon some blogging basics. During those discussions, the topic of recurring content comes into play. Many bloggers start out with a great idea. They’re excited about what they want to write about. But, once they start writing they realize there is only so much they can say about a particular topic before it starts to wear thin. Either your writing style starts to deteriorate, or you stop writing altogether because you run out of things to say. In some instances, you just get tired of writing.

So, how do you circumvent running out of steam when it comes to writing?

There are a few things you can try. We previously discussed putting together a content calendar. If you can visualize what you want to talk about, and set out a schedule of topics, it can keep things organized and give you a goal to reach. One of the things I like to do when my schedule permits is to backlog some evergreen posts. I can either schedule them out and not have to worry about writing for a few days – or even a few weeks depending on the posting schedule. Or, I can keep a few posts on hand in the event I am running short of time to post something. Instead of having to write a post on the fly, I can pull into the few I have on hand and simply post it. Another option to keep content flowing is to invite other bloggers to post a guest blog. By doing so, you don’t have to worry about posting a blog – you can pass the buck to a friend or colleague for a post or two.

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