Wouldn’t you love to get a slice of 4.2 billion likes everyday? That is the traffic that Instagram can give you and your business? But how to crack the code of exposure or even get ahead of the game?

The idea of Instagram is purely visual. People scroll through quickly, double-tapping as they go. So how can you attract new people to you of get your photos to keep showing up?

Here are the top tips to keep your Instagram game going strong:

5: Make sure your photos are quality. Your phone should have a great camera or use file sharing or a cloud system to move photos from your DSLR to your phone. Instagram doesn’t work on a computer of tablet. Stage your photos if a product is involved and if time allows. Add items to the product; example if you are taking pictures of a strawberry and blueberry smoothie make sure you include strawberries and blueberries.

4: Like and get Liked. Social Media can be a two lane road and if you follow someone and like a their posts they can do the same. Do not fall for spam or bots. If you see someone follow you check them out before you follow them back.

3: Up your hashtags. Keep a file in word or pages on your phone that you can out line favorite hashtags. If you have multiple thing you Instagram about make separate sets for each thing. Put three dots with returns between them. This will hide your massive hashtag string and make your post look clean. When you post you can copy and paste from the other file instead of typing out all those hashtags. Saves time and time is money.

2: Make your bio great. Make sure you say exactly what you do and what you are hoping to accomplish. If you want to connect with people, say it. Make sure your link goes to what you are highlighting. If you have a book for sale on Amazon make the link go to Amazon. Less clicks the better. Instagram doesn’t let links be clickable in posts so make that one in the bio count.

1: Plan your posts. Even if you set a reminder post everyday. Social Media schedulers like Hootsuite and Bufer have started to work with Instagram to schedule your posts. Your Instagram posts should also be posted to Instagram. Just tap the three dots in the corner of your post and select Copy URL then open Pinterest on your phone and create a post. Pinterest is a visual platform and your Instagram posts could go a long way.

I hope some of these tips help you get more visual or less scared of Instagram. Look for an upcoming post on how to get the most from an Instagram ad.

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