If the answer is a content calendar, what is the question? Well, we’re glad you asked. There are a few problems that a simple content calendar can easily solve!

1. Blogging:

Whether you find yourself struggling with content for a regular blog, such as the one we’ve recently dusted off here, or you have a topic you want to cover over the course of more than one blog post, it can be difficult to orchestrate that content. By implementing a simple content calendar, you can keep track of upcoming content and save time on the planning and implementation end of things. Sure, you still need to sit down to actually write up the posts, but it’s definitely easier to write about something if you have a general idea or topic already lined up.

2. Social Media:

My content calendar for social media integration saves so much time when I am working on content for clients. I can plan out and schedule tweets and Facebook posts without having to worry about duplicating content. It also gives me an opportunity to plan ahead. For instance, with our Evening With Podcamp and Bootcamp series, I can plan out Facebook posts and tweets to remind followers on social media when those events are coming up. I can schedule announcements for upcoming news (such as when we will be formally announcing this year’s Podcamp Pittsburgh dates).

3. Podcasts:

Much like blogging content, podcasters can find a content calendar useful. For shows like AwesomeCast and The Wrestling Mayhem Show, which I help with production on, the weekly podcasts are geared on current events. By putting together a formulated schedule of news and content it helps the podcast conversation move fluidly. Cast members aren’t hunting for content to discuss, and they can highlight the top stories they want to touch upon. For clients like Fishing Without Bait, our client has a series of discussions he spreads across weekly podcast episodes. By planning out his content, he is able to move from week to week more fluidly.

For clarification purposes, please let me confirm that there are a variety of content calendar options out there. The best way to figure out which one works for you is to find a couple that best suit your particular needs and work style and go from there. What works for one person – or even one project, may not work well for another. Personally, I use different scheduling plans for different projects. I use Trello to track and schedule blog posts for posts for BOLD Pittsburgh and the Podcamp website. I use an Excel/Google Doc spreadsheet for Sidekick Media Services blog posts. I use an Excel/Google Doc spreadsheet for Fishing Without Bait social media content. And, I use a tweet scheduler that has a calendar view component to it for social media content for AwesomeCast and The Wrestling Mayhem Show.

We also have some content strategy and scheduling information through our Bootcamp series. You can check back through our YouTube page for more information there, or keep an eye out for our regular schedule of Bootcamp series to attend a live group session where we can go into some specifics.

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