Content is always a difficult part of putting together a solid social media/blogging platform. You want to make sure that you have regular content. But, you also don’t want to necessarily keep writing about the same topic(s) – over, and over, and over. Many of us try to make it a point to write more as part of a New Year’s resolution. However, when we get a few weeks (or even months) into a project – whether it’s regular content for your Facebook page or your blog – it seems we start recycling content. Worse yet, many of us simply give up writing.

This is where I find inspiration from others. Michelle Hammons (more widely known by her nomiker “Burgh Baby”) has been writing daily blog posts for the past decade. Before we started capturing video of each year’s presentations, she would lead a Podcamp session outlining just how she does it. While much of her content for those sessions is not available, we do have a Blogging 201 video from 2012 where she did get into a discussion of content development.

Of course, if you check out her blog  you’ll see that her posts vary. While much of her content is written, normally telling us a tale of childrearing, she does post the occasional photo as her content. Truthfully? I love her summer chalk photos. They don’t need paragraph after paragraph of writing, but they still tell a story for the day. Photos versus writing argument aside, the important part is that she makes a daily post. She has made a daily post on the site since 2007. For those of us not so good with math, it’s now 2017 – Michelle has been keeping up her blog for ten years. Ten! And, if she can do it, so can you!

Of course, if you ever have any questions about podcasting, social media, or blogging, please hit us up on the Podcamp website, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also check out prior videos through our YouTube page or attend one of our events throughout the year.

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