WHEN: Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 6 PM – 7:30 PM
WHERE: Work Hard Pittsburgh, 744 E Warrington Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15210

Evening with Podcamp is a presentation/discussion session where we invite guest speakers to share insights and thoughts about a variety of topics. These events are community-based and are meant to facilitate conversation and education.  Following the discussion led by our moderator, the floor is opened for questions and comments from the crowd.

We’ve got some local musicians lined up to talk about how they’re using social media tools – like Facebook Live – to promote their music.


The event moderator will be Brian Crawford of The River’s Edge.  Brian and The River’s Edge work with Pittsburgh based musicians and entertainers through a locally-sourced streaming radio service.


Mario Quinn

Liss Victory

Palermo Stone







Mario Quinn / Liss Victory / Palermo Stone / Jeremy Caywood

Mario Quinn Lyles is a Dancer & Choreographer, Hip Hop Recording Artist, and media designer. He received a B.S. in Media Arts & Animation, from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2009. While in school full-time Lyles began learning and teaching hip hop dance, where he started the school’s very first Hip Hop Dance Club. He has also taught at various dance studios including, Pittsburgh Heat, Shape Fitness Center and Evolve Dance Complex in Cranberry Twp. In 2013 Lyles served as Production Assistant at Emmy Award winning facility Ya Momz House, LLC and Hip Hop Educator & Mentor at Hip Hop On L.O.C.K. He has been a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh from 2005-2010 and serves as a youth Choreographer/ Writing Coach for We Rock Workshop, a residency program led by Liz Berlin of the multi-platinum band Rusted Root. Currently he works as Studio Manager/ Teaching Artist at The Kelly Strayhorn Theater and Hip Hop Instructor at Los Sabrosos Dance Co. and Millennium Dance Complex. Amongst other creative ventures, Lyles is the founder of Markav Clothing Co. an urban apparel brand based out of Pittsburgh PA. and Level Up Studios, a community resource that offers innovative ways to engage youth and adults along the Penn Ave corridor. Lyles is a Fellow of Kelly Strayhorn Theater’s Penn Ave Creative and was resident artist at Local 412 from Sept 2014-Aug 2016.

Liss Victory uses her music as a force against the struggle. Playing a grungy guitar rhythm paired with thought-provoking lyrics, she writes “hurricane-voiced songs that can be dark, but not necessarily bleak.” Her work reflects a Middle American background, growing up in the shadows of a withering industrial Pennsylvania during the longest war in United States history.

Inspired by her musical friends and loved-ones, she learned guitar as an adult and began performing live shows after writing her first song in 2009. Since then, she’s played live, original music from coast to coast of the U.S.
She currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pa. where she can frequently be found hosting and performing live for The Girlie Show at Hambone’s Pub. She also books the 5903 Concert Series for the Pittsburgh Art House and provides sound for many of their events. She still frequents her hometown of Erie, Pa., where she plays with a full band called: The Graveyard Orchestra.

Each area of the country has a so-called “signature sound”—except Pittsburgh, which is still finding its own hip hop identity. Enter Palermo Stone, a polished artist with a strong, educated voice who has a story to tell and a thousand ways to tell it. With a natural ability to rally people for his cause, he has emerged as one of the new leaders in Pittsburgh hip hop, among a small group of artists determined to define and spread a brand new hip hop reputation for the city.

Palermo Stone is an extremely diverse artist who prides himself on creating music with a powerful message. His style focuses on bringing the musical and artistic aspect back to hip hop, including using a live band in his performances. You don’t come to a Palermo Stone show to listen to songs—you come to be taken on a journey. Using a wide range of records, crystal clear delivery and ability to connect with people, Stone’s show unites the audience and performer and eliminates the barrier of a stage.

A career of five studio albums and countless stellar live performances has allowed Palermo Stone to establish successful musical relationships with Mac Miller, Dee-1, The Come Up and other hip hop focal points. He has shared the stage with the likes of Talib Kweli, Pusha T, 9th Wonder, Rapsody, Nipsey Hussle, Ty Dolla $ign and more. Palermo Stone has received national attention from blogs, magazines and newspapers while also appearing on the cover the Pittsburgh City Paper and in many other prominent regional publications, both for his music as well as his community outreach efforts.

While Palermo Stone’s aim as a person is to positively impact the youth and world around him, his music is brutally honest in the fact that it depicts every facet of life, good and bad. As his name solidified, Stone began his own movement, R.A.R.E. (Revitalizing Art, Reinventing Emotion), which has developed a reputation for delivering quality and professionalism in everything the brand touches, from making music, to organizing concerts, to just about any type of music-related event.

Working with Palermo Stone, you not only get an experienced artist, you get a team of proven professionals behind him. His forth album, The Second Coming, was released in September 2014 and was well-received nationally, resulting in nearly two years of relevance and coverage from numerous publications around the country. Palermo Stone’s fifth studio album, HenDawg Millionaire, is available now on all major outlets and has changed his career on a national scale. Embarking on his first tour this summer.

Jeremy Caywood, singer songwriter and live sound engineer has been performing in Pittsburgh for 6 years now. With the release of his most recent live album “Over and Under” late last year, Jeremy has been in the creative world, writing, networking and beginning new musical projects to continue to expand his repertoire.

As a live sound engineer, he has worked at several different styled venues, including Hambones, Thunderbird Cafe, and The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls.

Jeremy has experienced large shows, small events and many different creative people who he’s been privileged to work along side. He continues to share his abilities and learn from everyone around him. Look for him around Pittsburgh. He’s definitely there.

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