I get this question a lot. More then I care to admit because people genuinely have never heard of us. After 10 years that is a shock.

But with every year technology changes and the new faces on social media and Pittsburgh’s podcasting and blogging scene changes. With two weeks to go until our biggest year yet, I think we need to reintroduce who we are and why you should come to Podcamp.

This year is huge because it is our 10th year. That should mean new faces as well as people we haven’t seen in a while. We also have 10 years to celebrate. Podcamp Pittsburgh is now the longest running Podcamp in the country. Most have died off and some changed the name and format. There is reason number one: we have a lot to celebrate.

The next on my list would have to be the people and sessions. I learn something new every time I step into a Podcamp. Whether it be blogging tips, social media know how, how to start your own podcast, and internet video is all covered in one weekend. The people you meet become valuable friends. You chat online, bounce ideas off of one another and I have even seen major businesses all started at a Podcamp.

Which leads me to the next thing: You will leave inspired. You may run a business, have a podcast, or run one of the best blogs in Pittsburgh; Podcamp will leave you inspired to to more. If you have no projects you will leave Podcamp having a few dozen ideas.

So reason two and three is the brainpower.

The last reason you should attend Podcamp goes hand in hand with number two. Party. I guess it should go unsaid that every year we talk about the after party. Every year someone hears a story about what went on and said “Man I should have gone.” The parties are the reason to celebrate and get to know more people. Stay tuned for the announcement about the Meet N’ Greet and the Official Afterparty.

That should be enough reasons on why you should attend Podcamp Pittsburgh X. Go ahead and click the link in the upper right and sign up. See you soon!


~Amanda Narcisi~avid podcamper, designer, writer and all around awesome person.~

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