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This a new way of scheduling for twitter that I’ve found easier than hootsuite and buffer. I was frustrated with only scheduling tweets out once and not able to send it multiple times without rescheduling/re-entering it. Canyou say TIME-SUCKER! This program allows you to have “jukeboxes” (folders) organizing what you send out. You can schedule as many or few days as you want a week and have them cycle back around as often as you want. I shedule my new podcast releases over 3 days, 2 hrs apart . And then I upload them to the “old releases” jukebox where they go out 7 days a week at 4 hrs and 9 minutes intervals. And it’s random how they’re released. You can upload an excel file of tweets you’ve prepared. And what’s really cool is Tweet Jukebox gives you 200 free quotes and 200 photos that are pre written to schedule out. I have more interaction with just those than I ever had with hootsuite or buffer, My following has grown much quicker. I use this for another business I have and I’m getting the same great results. AND Tweetjukebox has an auto send every friday to say thanks to as many as 50 of your top responding followers. The followers love it! I have not seen any other program that has grown my twitter following like this! Everyone needs this convenience to grow your following and get the word out about your podcast!


1. Efficient use of time.

2. Grow your following.

3. Fast and easy to use.


Sharon Marrell


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