With it being the 10th year of Podcamp Pittsburgh we thought the best person to give the keynote was someone who was there from the beginning.

Justin Kownacki is a professional writer and problem solver and for the past 10 years he has worked in digital marketing. But that is his day job.

In 2003 he created the web series Something to be DesiredFor 6 years Something to be Desired was wrote, shot, directed, edited and produced by Justin.

In 2006 Justin attended Podcamp Boston. (This is where the story turns to why he is connected to Podcamp Pittsburgh) Podcamp Boston was the first of it’s kind. An un-conference about the web which was based loosely on the Barcamp model. Justin was inspired to bring Podcamp to Pittsburgh. Podcamp Pittsburgh was launched 6 weeks after Boston. A real record.

In 2010 STBD spun into The Baristas; a web series about a group of people centered around a coffee shop.

Justin also writes screenplays, directs, and produces. This is his true passion. He is maker rather than a marketer.

Justin was one of the firsts of Podcamp; a staple since the beginning and even years he didn’t attend his name was mentioned at least 10 times a day.

I asked justing to describe himself in 5 words. The rest of this came from his website.

In his 5 words Justin is: “Talkative, contradictory, benevolent problem-solving overthinker”

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