An Evening with PodCamp Pittsburgh

Krystal is a wife, mom, and tech nerd with a habit of filling up free time with her family, her dogs, the outdoors, and music. On top of having run a successful side business, she also has worked in the legal/technical field, web hosting, and now hails from Libsyn, a world class podcast hosting company. She currently co-hosts and produces Libsyn Live, produces the podcasting tutorials for Libsyn Tutor, as well as guest appears on shows such as the Podcaster’s Roundtable and The Feed.

Krystal O’Connor is on Twitter at @kocotech

Host: Michael Sorg –

The Hardware Store is Pittsburgh’s Southern-most coworking space specializing in providing an interface for freelance media producers, startups, and nonprofits.

Recorded May 27, 2015.

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