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Frances Monahan Rupp (@msmon, @SallyWigginHair)


Session Description:

Why You Deserve Pay for Your Blogging Work
This session will address blogging and writing for pay versus free
Because it is work!
But, but, I NEED published!
Everyone’s a writer/photographer/graphic artist
What about the Huffington Post?
Exceptions to blogging for pay






You will leave empowered with kahunas to walk away from a “gig” where a great deal of time and skill is required, but no pay is offered. With grace and dignity in tact for everyone.

How to FIND paying work.

If you’re looking to get paid for blogging, make it worth your while. Ad-sharing revenue and clicks are simply not going to add up.


Additional Info:

Sure! I’m a long-time paid freelance journalist living in Pittsburgh. Currently, I do PR for a nonprofit company. But I still freelance, and I don’t do it for free.
I was also the first female opinion blogger for the Post-Gazette but parted ways when we weren’t getting anywhere with ad revenue sharing talks.

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