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The Future of Pittsburgh Bloggers Is Us: A working session to collaborate on the future of “Pittsburgh Bloggers”

In 2004, a small group of people banded together both to create a comprehensive list of all the bloggers in and around Pittsburgh and to connect with and get to know the other folks whose blogs we were all reading. Ten years later, the social media world has changed, yet people in Pittsburgh are still blogging — some of the same people, some new people, some about new and different topics and in new and different ways, and some just as they had back then.

The Pittsburgh Bloggers site has evolved in that time. Who are the bloggers of Pittsburgh? How can we work together and support each other? How can we connect better with each other and the world? How can we use the website to best advantage?

In this session, we’ll brainstorm ideas and start to set out a plan for working together more. Join in!




Community Building



This is a working session more than a learning session. Takeaways will include ideas to research and tasks to connect with each other in the near future. We’ll aim to put together a seed group who can take Pittsburgh Bloggers (the loosely formed organization and the website, and if possible the Pittsburgh Bloggers presence on other social networks) to a new, renewed level of activity and interaction.


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