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Kate Daly (@tikikate)

Session Description:

If you’re like most of us in technology, ideas for podcast topics are popping into your head on a daily (ok, sometimes hourly) basis. Once you’ve set your mind to it, finding the perfect way to pitch your podcast can be a challenging task. This session will present a case study for pitching a new show and explore challenges, risks, and ideas for success.



Social Media


Community Building



How to write a podcast pitch

Tips for setting up a social media strategy for your show

How to find a podcast network (if you want one)


Additional Info:

My new podcast, The NSFW PM Podcast, is starting on Goodstuff within the next few weeks (and will be live by the time of the conference).

Note, the NSFW title doesn’t mean it’s “dirty” — it’s a play on words, as the podcast is about being a PM in technology, but also about being a PM “in real life.”

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