Video to Podcast via Google Hangout OnAir


Presentation Slides from this session (Video to Podcast via GHOA)
Work Sheet from this session (Setting Up Your Google Account)


Krystal O’Connor (@kocotech)

Session Description:

If you’ve ever considered having a video podcast or holding a Google Hangout on Air (HOA), this session will cover the benefits to having a live video counterpart to your audio or video show, and how you can leverage video even for a primarily audio podcast to connect with your community. This session will cover how to conduct effective Google Hangouts On Air as well as working with on-demand video, best encoding practices, and giving your viewers every possible way to watch your show.




Learn how video can help grow your community through face to face live sessions, and reach into one of the largest video networks around, YouTube.

Step by step, learn how to create a Google Hangout On Air from scheduling to inviting, having guests, utilize apps inside of Hangouts, and conduct the event.

Also covered will be how to obtain an offline copy of the video for editing, as well as publishing (answering questions such as should I host audio and video on the same podcast feed?) and distribution of the event for on-demand.


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