Amanda Paciorkowski (@mrs_ski_pgh)


Session Description:

You hear it all of the time – social media can take your product or service to the next level. But without a Social Media Manager or expert on the team, how can you possibly be successful?? You don’t have the time on top of other responsibilities! You don’t know where to start! You don’t know what to post or if people will even care! You don’t know how to handle public negative feedback! You don’t know if its working! If you’re ready to overcome the fear and take home some practical tools to get started, this session is for you.



Social Media



Participants will learn how to identify and work through their fears about implementing a social media strategy.

Participants will learn how to determine what kind of social media strategy they want.

Participants will leave with a packet full of planning tools and templates.


Additional Info:

Over the years, I was thrilled and inspired by the true social media managers in the Podcamp scene, but as I sat in the audience and heard question after question from *tiny* business owners, I realized there was a void of presentations for those who already have a Facebook Page but don’t know what to do next. There’s plenty of excuses on why they can’t be successful on social media and many of them are easily tackled with a little guidance and encouragement. This session will not be Facebook 101. I will not discuss how to setup a profile or post a link. This will be a strategy-based workshop.

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