Thank you.  Gracias.  Merci.  Danke.

No matter how you say it, on behalf of the PodCamp Pittsburgh 9 organizers, I would like to thank everyone involved with this year’s event.

Thank you to our sponsors, Point Park University, Commonwealth Press, Printscape Imaging & Graphics, IKEA Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Libsyn, Sorgatron Media, Big Big Design, Bold Pittsburgh, XTO Photography, Should I Drink That, and Bossjock Studio.  It is with the support of our sponsors that we are able to keep the event FREE for attendees.

A wholehearted thank you goes out to our various presenters.  Because you are willing to share your knowledge and content with others, we are able to grow as not only an event but also as a community.  Being an un-conference has its merits.  And, as a presenter, it is refreshing when sessions can be conversational instead of institutional – including the possibility that someone attending a session I am presenting may have tips and tricks to offer in addition to the information I have.  (Seriously, I have actually learned things in sessions I have presented.)

I want to thank all of the attendees – whether they attended in person or online.  As mentioned at various points throughout the weekend, this year’s event almost didn’t happen.  It was because of the tweets and the facebook posts, asking about when the event was going to be and whether there was going to be an event, that we kept the ball rolling.  Sure, there are people out there that may ask why we feel the need to do an event each year.  Certainly there are other podcamp events that have come and gone.  Despite what happens, PodCamp Pittsburgh keeps happening because of the interest and involvement of the attendees.  As long as people want to learn about podcasting (both audio and video) and social media (either through media like Twitter and Facebook, or blogging) we will do our best to provide an event to facilitate that knowledge.

Thank you to our volunteers.  Whether you helped with set-up, tear-down, cameras, registration, or any other task that required some TLC, the donation of your time to help during the weekend was an invaluable part of it all.

And last, but certainly not least, I would like to formally thank my merry band of co-organizers.  Without each of you, this year’s event would not have happened.  From helping to coordinate our awesome keynote (thanks Will and Kim), to stepping in for last-minute session assistance (thanks again, Doug and Will), to wrangling the volunteers (thanks Katie), to handling all of the print materials – including some of the last-minute requests (thanks Amanda), to handling the live stream and dealing with my week-of craziness (thanks Sorg),  and literally everything in between, this group never faltered.  Everyone came together with a common goal – to make PodCamp Pittsburgh 9 a fun and successful event.

We’re not technically done with this year’s event yet.  Keep an eye on the site (and our Twitter and Facebook feeds) for some wrap-up posts – including announcements once we get the video feeds of sessions posted.  You can still check the Google Hangout posts on the site (embedded YouTube videos), but higher quality videos will be up once processed.

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