Volunteers are known the world over for their good looks and sparkling personalities. Everyone loves them. And PodCamp Pittsburgh volunteers are like the rock stars that rock stars want to hang out with.  So we know you’ll want to get in on this action. Yes, you.

PodCamp Pittsburgh thrives due to the efforts of its tireless volunteers. They help guests find where they need to go, get lunch set up, fix problems, tweet tweets, organize the event, and generally keep the hamster wheel turnin’. As an event by the community, for the community, PodCamp couldn’t happen without people stepping up to generously give their valuable time.

When you volunteer not only are you connected to everyone at the event (seriously, you’re like a celebrity) but you also get a fashionable PodCamp t-shirt.  These are the true mark of a fashion/tech icon in the Pittsburgh area.

Please don’t make us beg (but we will if that’s what it takes). Fill out the volunteer form here, and we’ll be in touch.

And have we told you how great your hair looks today? High-five, you.


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