Kim Lyons (@SocialKimly)

Scott Harbaugh (@WPXIScott)

Ryan Loew (@wesaryan)

Bobby Cherry (@bc_Trib)

Ethan Magoc (@EthanMagoc)

Mila Sanina (@pgMila)


Session Description:

Scott Harbaugh of WPXI, Ryan Loew of WESA-FM, Bobby Cherry of Trib Total Media, Kim Lyons, Ethan Magoc and Mila Sanina of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, will talk about ways they use social media to do their jobs, report the news, and connect with readers, viewers and listeners. We plan a moderated panel discussion as well as a Q&A session



Social Media



How to connect with local journalists on social media, and how media outlets use social channels to reach audiences


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