We’re heading into the home stretch.  And, before we get things going full steam ahead, I’d like to give you some things to consider for the weekend:

1.  PodCamp is an “unconference.”  One of the biggest things we love about that is the “Rule of Two Feet.”  Attendees can come and go in sessions and it is not frowned upon.  If there are two sessions you’d like to see, but they’re going on at the same time, spend the first half in one session and the last half in the other session.  If you walk into a session and realize it’s not what you thought it was going to be, pull up your schedule and check out another session.

2.  Keeping in mind with the “unconference” philosophy, things are somewhat flexible.  Although the printed guide has a list of sessions and the locations of those sessions, things change.  We will try to keep the website updated as those changes are made throughout the weekend.  We will also make sure updates are provided to volunteers (including folks at the registration area).  Look for those blue t-shirts for folks who can help answer any questions.

3.  Not all awesome things happen in sessions.  There are plenty of amazing things that happen as a result of conversations in the hallways with other attendees.  Bacn is an accepted term among the computer literate – referring to e-mail that’s not quite spam, but something you may want to hang onto.  Guess what?  Bacn’s humble beginnings stem from a hallway conversation at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2.

4.  This year, we’re trying something new in that we are not bringing in a lunch sponsor.  BUT, before you freak out, there are plenty of eateries within an easy walking distance – including various restaurants (including sit-down and fast food alike).  Our challenge to attendees this year: meet someone new and go to lunch with them.  Exchange information about what each of you is doing with podcasting, blogging, and social media.  You can check out more about local food options here.

5.  In an effort to help you meet folks, our additional challenge is to bring 10 business cards to exchange.  For each card you give away, take home someone else’s.  Develop a relationship.  Build something awesome to share with us at next year’s PodCamp Pittsburgh!

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