We are excited to announce the keynote speaker for PodCamp Pittsburgh 9 is John Chamberlin, creator of the blog, YaJagoff.com. He’s trying to keep expectations low, because he’s still convinced we’re jaggin’ him around, but we can’t think of a better ambassador for Pittsburgh at this moment than the guy who’s trying to get our local term of endearment into the dictionary. He even figured out a way to turn this bit of jagoffery into a really good thing: donations to the Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation. Check it out here.

John advises PodCampers to bring dark chocolate, his favorite, to his presentation (he’s partly convinced you might need the caffeine to stay awake, but we think he’s just looking for some comfort food). He’ll tell you he’s a technical idiot, but he’s built a blog he started on a whim to be one of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2014 Best of the Burgh (for Best Snarky Nod to Local Behavior). And he got Mayor Peduto on board with his petition, so he knows a few things, even though he’ll try to convince you otherwise

We’re just hoping that he doesn’t pole dance or twerk.  Although it would make for an original opening to PodCamp. An’at.


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