We’re just about a month away from the first day of PodCamp Pittsburgh 9, so it got us thinking about PodCamps past. There have been a lot of great sessions and a lot of great speakers, so we wanted to know: Which past Pittsburgh guest was your favorite?

Mike Woycheck and Virginia Montanez remember when we didn’t know who she really was? And he was her butler? And he had a good sandwich? Ah, memories…

Pittsburgh Dad   “hey Tom!” “…well you know who’s next, right?”

Bill Peduto (with PodCamp Pittsburgh founder Justin Kownacki): Yes, we know he has a really important job now, and is kinda busy, but remember when Bill Peduto kicked off PodCamp? Clearly this appearance played a role in his ascent to the mayor’s office.

Other favorites: Mikey and Big Bob, Alex Lindsay, and the lovely iJustine.

Vote for your favorite in the comments (or remind us of another great past PodCamp speaker), and let us know who we should try to persuade  appear this year.

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