We’ve had a slightly later start at getting the ball rolling, but that ball?  She’s a rolling.

Things you can look forward to in the near future:

A Date:  No, we’re not talking about who you’re going to take to the winter formal or who you’ll hook up with on the weekend.  But, we’ll be formalizing the date for this year’s event.  And, there will be an announcement.  Right here.

A Location:  We have some options.  Maybe we’ll take a throwback and use a location from the past.  Maybe we’ll stick around where we’ve been the past couple of years.  And maybe, just maybe, we’ll move into uncharted territories and change things up to a new, awesome Pittsburgh locale.

A New Site Design:  We have some thoughts.  We have some super creative folks.  We generally roll out a makeover of sorts of the website.  So, yeah, we’ll be working on that in the near term.

Keep an eye on the site for more details in the near term.  Tell your friends.  Shout it from the rooftops!  (Okay, maybe not that last one – but Twitter and Facebook are the current equivalent of that anyway, right?)

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