We just learned that there is a parade Saturday morning. I’m working on finding out what roads will be closed and when so check back for more information.

I spoke with the parade organizer. He said that The Boulevard of the Allies shouldn’t be closed until 9am. So if you get to PodCamp on time at 8:30 you’ll beat the mayhem and have plenty of time to mingle with other PodCampers.

We’ve learned that road closures will start at 10:45, but that is for the parade route. The Boulevard of the Allies will be closed for staging from Smithfield St to Stanwix St. Who knows when that will close, so  pretend the Boulevard is hot lava tomorrow.

Don’t plan on parking on the street. Most of downtown is closed for on street parking. The garages will be open. I was told that 3rd avenue will be open. You can take that to the 3 ave garage. Or if I was you I’d park at the garages near Macy’s on Smithfield St and walk the two blocks to Wood St. Grant Street is open all day as far as I know, so you could plan to get to Grant and trickle down 3rd ave toward Point Park University.

To ensure you don’t have problems. GET TO PODCAMP EARLY! There will be coffee n’at.

You could also take a bus or the T or ride a bike. All parade friendly options.


It looks like the parade will basically be going from Stanwix St to the August Wilson Center. So hopefully they gather at the point and leave the boulevard open. What this means is that you should get to PodCamp early so you can find parking and avoid revelers and pranksters.

Below is all the information I have but will keep updating this post as I know more.

The 2013 African-American Heritage Day Parade will be held on Saturday, October 5, 2013 starting at 1100 hours and will begin Blvd of Allies & Stanwix St


The staging area for the parade is Blvd of Allies between Stanwix Street & Smithfield Street, which means there will be NO vehicle traffic permitted from 8:00 a.m.- Noon.

The parade route will be as follows:

Right onto Stanwix St
Right onto Liberty Ave
End at August Wilson Center

There will be No Parking After 7 AM:

· Blvd of Allis between Smithfield Street & Commonwealth Pl
· Stanwix Street between Ft Pitt Blvd & Liberty Ave
· Liberty Ave between Stanwix & Grant St
· Penn Ave between Sixth & Tenth
· Smithfield St between 7th Ave & Liberty Ave

10:45 AM:
All roads will be shut down to clear the parade route.

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