I am so excited about the theme of this year’s Podcamp….Building Your Digital Toolbox.  This event will become the foundation of your digital marketing strategy for the next year.

Now that you are building a digital strategy, the area that becomes the basis of everything else is tracking.  Tracking is so important because if you can track it, you can measure it.  If you can measure it, you can improve on it!

If you run an ad, write an article, print a QR code, or share a short URL in social media you should know what is happening once that link goes live.  You will want to know if it has traction or if it has died a slow silent death.

You can do all of this with URL Tracking.  YES, you can even track when and where your QR Codes are scanned or Video Ad Overlays are clicked.

Creating a Tracking URL takes all of 5 seconds. CLICK HERE
On this page you will need to enter 4 pieces of information
– The URL that you will be sending visitors to
– Campaign Source – What is the reason you are creating this URL? Google, YouTube, Trade Show, Event, Door Hang
– Campaign Medium – Where will you be placing this link?  Paid Search, Banner ad, Print Ad, Door,
– Campaign Name – What do you want to call it.

Generate URL.

Now take this URL and use it in paid search, guest blog posts, short urls, QR-Codes, banner ads, signatures or any where you need a URL.  If you know you need to use it in more than one place, then simply create a new URL and change the Source, Medium or Name.  This will allow you to track each and every instance of that URL.

URL Tracking will be part of my first presentation at Podcamp on Saturday at 10AM:   Be A Local Hero! Use Promoted Video to Solve Your Consumers Problems and Drive Them Through Your Front Door

If you are spending ad dollars to run promoted video campaigns wouldn’t it be nice to know that people are clicking on your video and then taking action on your site?  Wouldn’t it also be helpful to know that they are not?


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