Those are all words I heard people use when they were describing how they felt after PodCamp 6. Attendees were ready to start new blogs, create more (and better!) content, explore new social media tools, and generally were determined to start kicking some ass.

So how’s that working out for you?

If you left PodCamp feeling ready to tackle the social media world but have since lost a bit of that enthusiasm, don’t worry. It’s still in you, just waiting for you to rediscover it. The most challenging thing about social media, in my opinion, is finding that spark that keeps you going every day. Some days are easier than others.

But what about those days (or weeks . . . or months) when you find yourself in a rut and just can’t seem to get inspired? What can you do?

1. Get out from behind your computer and go live for a few hours. Explore a new part of town. Visit a friend. Go to a playground and play on the slide. Find some happy in your world and really focus on it. Then, when you get back to your computer, channel that happy into some content.

It can be done.

2. Explore your favorite parts of the internet. Sites like Pinterest and Flickr can be hugely inspiring. Try searching for some favorite words just to see what comes up. May I suggest trying the words: blue, dawn, jump, and do? Same words. Both sites.

3. Ask for inspiration. No, really. Go to Twitter or Facebook or just turn to the person who is sitting on the couch with you and ask them for ideas about what you should write, record, or whatever. You may not like their ideas exactly, but they may trigger an idea in your head that you do like.

4. Just do something. Haven’t posted to your blog in months because you haven’t had anything you have felt like writing? Fine. Open up your site and start typing. Anything. You can start with the words “Today was…” and see where you end up.

5. Ask yourself “Why?” Why do you want to be motivated to create content? Why do you feel passionate about social media? Why do you want to have a blog? Why are you stuck?

Sometimes the answers are just enough to knock you back into your game.

– Michelle aka BurghBaby

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  1. I’ve started really blogging post Podcamp Pittsburgh 6 after I finally figured out my Why, thanks to your session! I’ve tried blogging before (this is attempt #4) and I’ve found the right niche for me. I’ve received lots of positive feedback, and I think it’s because I have my Why and I know why I’m sharing.


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