5 Easy Steps to Increase Pittsburgh Small Business Revenue Using Social Media

Marketing in today’s world is much different than it was ten years ago. Everyone and their brother are
now doing everything online from shopping to watching TV episodes and even shifting their marketing
strategies to allow a larger budget to build a stronger online presence.

When small Pittsburgh businesses sit down to divvy out their
that is now included in their budgeting efforts is online
and brands want to expand their online presence to help
generate leads; because let’s face it, if you are not where the
being seen. Every business wants to succeed and make
their brand to become one of the most popular businesses in

Social media to the rescue! Here are some tips, tricks and
their online brand visibility and potentially gain more natural

1. Brand Visibility: With Facebook having over 800 million active users, more than half of them
are on Facebook every single day. If your business does not have a Facebook page and twitter
profile to back it up; first things first – go create one. If you do not have the technical knowledge
to do this, ask one or more of your employees for help as they are probably on Facebook too.
You can also use free online tools like GetListed.org to see where your company can be listed.

2. Building Buzz: Let’s say you have a restaurant business in Regent Square. Simply put a flyer stack
by the front door and encourage the customers walking in and out of the store to ‘like’ you on
Facebook, to follow you on twitter and to review you through Google to help build your online
presence in a true organic and natural way.

3. Customer Engagement: Now that you have a few social profiles for your company, get in there
and play around with them Start engaging and talking with customers, if you see someone said
something negative about the company, business or service – reach out to them and offer a
discount next time they come in or a free coffee with their breakfast. These actions will truly
show your customers that you care about them and they will love you for it (not to mention
maybe even talk positive about you online in the near future for tending to their wounds).

4. Competition: Find where your competitors are listed. See where people are talking about them
online, how engaged they are with their customers and maybe take some pointers on how they
help improve their business and provide customer service to their consumers.

5. Measure Results: Having customers complete a survey while sitting down in your restaurant
can go a long way. They will give you honest answers about the things you may need to fix or
re-evaluate within your business. Maybe the coffee is too bitter, maybe the customer saw a
waitress on the phone instead of working or maybe they absolutely loved their experience with

your company and do not have negative feedback. No matter the response, it will help move
your business in the right direction.

The goal of all businesses is to make money and succeed. Having a small local business in Pittsburgh is
no different than having a large restaurant chain throughout the nation, because you have the ability to
make decisions and changes without a corporate staff meeting or weeks to gain approval.

There could be hundreds of people sitting in their houses or apartments in Pittsburgh with brilliant
business models and plans that are just getting an online business started; these social media tips can
not only help the local retail businesses with physical locations but online business get their start too.

This guest post article was written and provided by Martha Keagan who is a freelance writer, full time
mother and part time apartments and real estate broker.

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