6 years in and as time goes on we keep getting bigger and bigger.  Each year brings something new and exciting t all those that attend and this year is no different.

However for the past three years there has been one of many things that have stayed the same. The reliable custom printed stickers from our friends over at sticker giant.

StickerGiant is celebrating Their 3rd year with PodCamp Pittsburgh and wants to spread the love by giving two lucky of our blog readers $200 in free custom stickers. If you haven’t heard of StickerGiant, you should, these folks are easy to get ahold of, they are super quick, have really high quality stickers and make your artwork print ready for free.

To Enter: Just comment on this post, and perhaps describe your sticker needs. Two random winners will win a $200 custom sticker printing job from StickerGiant.

Contest ends: September 19th at midnight. winner will be randomly selected.

22 Replies to “Sticker Giant Sticker Contest; Who wants a sticker job?”

  1. Great contest. I’m thinking some stickers would make some great personal branding items… (like to market myself, not as in cattle branding.)

  2. These guys have been great. Been ordering stickers for my podcasts for the comic cons this year. Good people.

  3. This is such a great company with a great product! I would love to use some stickers as an alternative to business cards and other branding tools.

  4. StickerGiant – pretty great way of building hype around the company; I love it! We send out CellPig.com stickers in every shipment that goes out, which turns out to be quite a bit. We would love to keep it local!

  5. Not only does StickerGiant get customer service, they ALWAYS go above and beyond any order to ensure the best job is done from start to completion. These guys really get it !!!

  6. I have a couple ideas for uses for many stickers but I don’t wanna get excited about them until I an named the winner 🙂

  7. I’ve thought about using them to add QR Codes to my business card rather than do a reprint, but I’m getting close to needing to reorder so I may have to come up with something else. Maybe for the shelter?

  8. This would be so great for helping spread the word about reopening the Lamp Theatre in Irwin! Looking forward to a great weekend!

  9. I think these stickers are great and would love to have some printed for use as a promotional give away at an upcoming educational event for children in Pittsburgh.

  10. These stickers would be a great way to poke a bit of fun while also promoting the Webster Historic District, which is located in a hard-pressed Mon Valley village that was the harshest victim of pollution linked to the killer Donora smog of 1948.

  11. We need quality stickers for Should i Drink That!

    We do a lot of beer fests and mailings that a sticker would be the perfect addition to! Plus brewers like to put our logo in fun places!

    We’ve tried other vendors but none have been the high quality that we see with the Podcamp Pittsburgh ones.

  12. Podcamp Pittsburgh 6 was great, had a great time. I’d like to get stickers of my children’s book characters.

  13. There can never be enough stickers in this world! I think I actually have an order in with you right now. Thanks for the support at Podcamp.

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