Podcamp is this weekend!  Want to know more about it?  Unsung, the Nonprofit News Show on PittsburghonVideo.org did a story on our event talking with Norm, Rob and Missy about it!  You can scope out the episode below, or check out the show page for all of the extended interviews!


3 Replies to “Podcamp Pittsburgh Featured on Unsung!”

  1. Looking forward to this. Will be interesting to find out what the metrics are for determining whether or not you are a “successful” blogger. Certainly, success can be measured by simply being pleased that my message/thoughts are getting out. Some might measure success by making $$ from the blog. My question is more of, how would I measure success in numbers of followers, page reads per month, etc, etc.

    THANKS.. looking forward to it

  2. I think it’s a little of both. I like to think more of mindshare and engagement. If I see 5 people talking about the cafe on Twitter today, that spiders out to all of their followers, 5-500 each, that just may have read our name in a stream.

    Had interesting convos recently about an engaged community in the hundreds vs an unengaged one in the thousands and what’s actually worth more. Are you creating cheerleaders for your cause/brand? Numbers for a local medical practice is going to be less than an online web show, but have a much higher markup on the business coming in the door.

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