@mrsgregwillis: My Favorite PCPGH5 Session

With less than 3 weeks to go until PodCamp, you can believe all of us Social Media junkies are getting ready to create a swarm or two at Point Park. We thought it would be a good idea to share with you a little bit about our favorite sessions from PodCamp past.

Time management and keeping organized are key parts of my life, so you shouldn’t be surprised that I got the most value out of Dana Sheehan’s “Managing Social Media” session last year at PCPGH5. Why? It sounds silly, but her introduction to HootSuite not only streamlined my social media management, it gave me fodder to open (and manage) even more accounts.

Sure, I don’t use HootSuite in my everyday life, but when I am trying to follow all of the different streams in my life, it’s very easy to coordinate everything in one place. I can stalk my friends and lists. I can follow hashtags (like #PCPGH6, ::ahem::). I can schedule tweets. I can monitor people interested in things I am. And I can participate in the (dreaded) Twitter parties.

Being organized and earning a second or two of my day back is a huge win for me. Can’t wait to see what this year’s sessions bring and who will revolutionalize my world this year. Are you ready, Pittsburgh?

PS–If you missed Dana’s session last year, you can check it out here thanks to one of our sponsors, blip.tv, or you can check out any of the sessions from PodCamp Pittsburgh past by checking out the PCPGH web series.

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