AlphaLab is very excited to once again host the PodCamp Meet n’ Greet for a fourth time! The event serves as the ceremonial kickoff to the PodCamp Pittsburgh conference and is a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know people before the conference even starts. I thought I’d pass along some tips to make the most of the event.

Name your tag: When you arrive at AlphaLab make sure that you fill out a name tag at the front table. Perhaps more important than writing your name is indicating your online presence. Twitter is the main communication mechanism for the Pittsburgh social media community and for PodCamp itself – so write your Twitter handle. (If you don’t have one, CREATE ONE!) Your blog name/URL works too. If you’re coming to learn about social media and don’t have a presence yet – put down what you’re interested in learning about. That’s always a great way to start conversation.

Greet and meet: You’ll find nearly everyone who comes to PodCamp is very friendly and will make you feel at ease – so make sure you talk to as many people as you can. Once you start, you won’t wanna stop. Also the thought of walking up to a large group and introducing yourself might fill you with a sense of dread, panic, and anxious bladder all at the same time. DON”T PANIC! In the case of the PodCamp Meet n’ Greet, large groups are often the most inviting. Once you start, you won’t wanna stop.

Expect the unexpected (guests): Every year we seem to have some surprise visitors. Last year it was the Mad Hatter. Councilman Bill Peduto has stopped by as well (and was a speaker for the keynote last year). I know for a fact this year will be no exception.

Ain’t nothin’ but a tweet thang: Get started on tweeting for the weekend by doing so early and often at the Meet n’ Greet. We will have a Twitterfall ( setup, so by tagging all your posts with #pcpgh6 you’ll be able to see your tweets appear on the wall at AlphaLab. As the event goes on and people become more comfortable the tweets get frequent, funnier, and often more absurd.

Wear your Friday’s best: Have a memorable outfit that you have on hot standby? An airbrushed cat t-shirt that you’ve been dying to wear? The Meet n’ Greet is a perfect occasion to bust out your favorite awesome apparel that will help people remember you. I make it a point to get a new t-shirt every year for the occasion.

Hey Mr. DJ: Have an iPhone? Or cannot attend the event? We’ll be crowdsourcing the DJing experience this year through Come into the AlphaLab turntable room ( starting at about 6:30 and spin tunes for us! I reserve the right to bump you if, for example, you play Nickleback.

Have a good time: The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and get to know your fellow PodCampers. We’re very much looking forward to having you and hope you have a wonderful time. Remember that the event often moves to neighboring establishments after 9:00 – so plan for a late(r) evening!

(Editors Notes: The meet and Greet is Friday, September 16th 2011. 7 pm-9 pm. Alpha Lab is located at 2325 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Hope to see you there!)

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