…Is probably what I would say if I wasn’t dealing with the internet.  But, I’m afraid I have some horrible news regarding our tentative schedule and session submissions.

That handy-dandy session submission page I’ve been pushing people toward to submit their session proposals has apparently become that bad, homework-eating dog in need of a newspaper to the nose.  Somewhere between that point where all of you nice potential presenters typed up your information in that handy-dandy form and pressed the send button, and it making it through the magical tubes that we call the internet, something has gone horribly awry, in that I have apparently not received some session proposals.  (This was found out as I was filling out the tentative schedule, and knew of some sessions that were to have been submitted, but weren’t found anywhere in my inbox.)  In an effort to make sure that I was not losing my mind (which generally happens while working behind the scenes to make PodCamp as awesome for you folks as possible – just not generally this early on) I submitted a dummy session proposal to myself using the form on the site.  And, I have yet to receive that submission.  I assure you that we are working on trying to fix the gliche, and we are trying to hopefully *fingers crossed* recover some of your submissions.

In an effort to not delay our posting of the schedule (which is currently scheduled to occur by tomorrow, September 1st) and to try to make sure we receive any session proposals which may have been eaten by that bad, bad invisible internet dog, I would ask that anyone who submitted a proposal online through our website please e-mail your submission directly to me (Missy) at missysorg(at)gmail(dot)com.  If you did submit your session proposal through the form, and received a follow-up e-mail from me, you do not need to resubmit your proposal by e-mail.

On behalf of the PodCamp organizers, I again wish to extend my wholehearted apologies for the duplication in the process, and I hope that we can have the situation righted quickly.

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