I Have No Idea

I went to PodCamp Pittsburgh 4, and was instantly overwhelmed. Not necessarily in a good way for this introverted chickie with a small, family blog. However, I hung in there and I met some really great, helpful people, who didn’t laugh in my face and ask what I was doing there.

Many of these wonderful people have become online friends, and some of them I have had the fortune of spilling a few beers with.

I did not go to PodCamp Pittsburgh 5. I was pregnant, and I tend to become a hermit when I’m pregnant anyway. The logistics of attending (babysitters, laptops, reading stuff online) were too overwhelming for my already overflowing life.

I stayed home and read the Twitter stream.

This year for PodCamp Pittsburgh 6, I’m all in. I mean: All.In.

I snagged a VIP ticket.

I am convening a panel. Yeah, a panel!

I am submitting a session (see: above).

I am hiring a babysitter and printing out business cards.


This is the year I learn more, do more, meet more people. And I’m not doing it to brand myself or boost my blog numbers or get more Twitter followers or make a lot of money.

I’m doing it because it’s interesting. YOU’RE interesting. I want you to tell me more.

I’m listening.



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