If you’re a seasoned vet of PodCamp, you probably have a good idea of what you need to bring along with you. Last year, being my first in-person attendance, I brought way too much along. Maybe this year I will learn my lesson (but if you follow my blog, you know packing a lot is a bad habit of mine). So, for you first-timers, here’s a list of things I think you might want to bring with you to #PCPGH6.
– Leave the business cards at home. I spent some time making labels and attaching them to my company cards, but I don’t think I left one ANYWHERE. Sign up as a VIP and everyone will have your blog and Twitter handle on the website. Wear a sticker with a QR code linking to your twitter and encourage others to find it and scan you in to their phone–or bring multiple ones to pass out. Bump (get the app) like @CC_9020 and I did at the Meet N’ Greet (two ladies, one preggers–me–bumping can be quite a laugh). Tweet away and let everyone else find you on the Twitter falls.
– Last year I lugged my super heavy laptop around and didn’t pull it out once. Sure, I was inspired to blog, but I took a lot of ColorNote tips, tweeted some quotes, and favorite’d others. When I was ready to sit back down and blog again, it all came back to me. Now, if you are tied at the hip to your computer, sure, bring it. There will be wireless connections and power outlets, so no worries. And, your smartphone addicted friend (::raises hand::) just might need to plug her USB cable into one of your ports. (Talk about a conversation starter.) To sum–have your device of choice ready, but know you’ll probably favor one device over another.
– Something interesting. For the Meet N’ Greet, I threw it out there on Twitter that I’d be there wearing blue shoes (how about those pretty ones up there? Had I seen them, I would’ve had an immediate new friend!). While I am not a total introvert, I felt like I was the small fish being thrown into the big sea. The seasoned vets were going to have friends there and no one was going to recognize me from Adam. Wear something interesting and it will go noticed (just ask last year’s Mad Hatter). Again, perfect conversation starter.
– Your camera! Maybe your phone will double, or maybe you’ll be like some of amazing photo bloggers and bring your DSLR along. Either way, capture the moments (like meeting your online friends, local celebs, or your not-so secret crush), and share them on our Flickr group.
 – A hunger for learning. There is going to be something for you to learn at every session, in every elevator ride, and while waiting in the lunch line. Network, network, network. C’mon, it’s fun!
Have anything else to share about what to bring? Link up at Twitter with your favorite hashtag, #PCPGH6!
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