Hi there, bloggers, Tweeps, and social media mavens! Hopefully you’ve already been convinced to register for this year’s PodCamp Pittsburgh, but just in case you haven’t, here are a few reasons why you should drop everything (but your device of choice) and register now for the un-conference of the year.

5. PodCamp is a great excuse to Tweet your heart out (you know, without having to worry about work, kids, or blogging getting in the way). Don’t forget to use #PCPGH6 so others can instantly network with you (or get a kick out of your thoughts on a Twitter Fall).

4. Speaking of networking, PCPGH is a great way to meet new friends. I highly suggest starting your weekend out with the Meet & Greet at Alpha Lab and perhaps trying to coax your non-social media addict friends to join in. The night is free and will lead to some great memories, I promise.

3. And it’s not just about meeting new friends–sometimes you’ll get to meet local celebrities (who you just might secretly admire–@astockey, headed out this year?). Or, you might find out how much of a local celebrity you are. Personally, some of my best memories from PCPGH5 include meeting bloggers and Tweeps I interact with and realizing that we can connect in the real world, too.

2. We have some incredible sponsors who make this event free…and the only thing that beats free is free food and drink! From cookies at the volunteer pre-conference night to heavy appetizers at the meet n’ great to breakfast and lunch that cure the night before, you’ll be kept quite content.

1. And the final promise is that you’ll be motivated. Whether it’s to clean up your Facebook friends list, follow more Pittsburgh Tweeps, name drop your favorite brands (or customers!), or blog daily, you are going to get that inspiration at PodCamp. Ok, one more promise–your followers (old and new) will be glad you did!

Trust me, if you haven’t been to PCPGH before, you’ll be glad you decided to make this your year. Keep an eye out here on the blog for more news about the event. As it gets closer, I guarantee I’ll be one of the many tweeting up a storm as @mrsgregwillis, tossing out more ideas about why I am excited for my 2nd year at PCPGH. See yinz soon.

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