Social Media is media where information and content is generally created by users themselves using new technologies, which allow easy use and access by powerful publishing technologies, publication and exchange.

Nowadays there are plenty of sources for communication online, which include blogs, micro-blogging, social networking, collaboration social media software, multimedia social software, reviews and opinions including community Q&A, entertainment platforms and many other social media applications to choose from.

Schools should be embracing new technologies and specifically social media because nowadays the social media sphere is trending all over the world and on some of the social media applications there can be found the latest breaking news, innovations or events that happen in the world, and the social media has become number one to tell the news to the world. For schools it is useful to be modern and upgraded in their knowledge, as children spend a lot of time in social media applications and it would be useful for them to find out positive side in this sphere, where they can find many interesting things and get educated in a more broad sense, because the social media erases the borders and allows people to get much more educated in a shorter time. Schools should implement all the innovative technologies and social media applications if there is such opportunity, and much attention should be paid to social media applications, as there are always two sides of everything. The best qualities and opportunities should be depicted from the social media and rendered to children to help them get more educated and follow the news and new opportunity that technological progress is giving to us.

How do you think schools can use Social Media to improve education?

~Will Reynolds Young

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  1. Hi Will,

    We’re a national organization that’s working to advance social media in higher education. We’re planning an unconference around the same idea that schools should be teaching this increasingly important form of communication.

    I’d love to collaborate on this project; I’m hoping we can learn from each other (this will be our first SMCEDU barcamp) and share some insights!

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