I bought the iPad 3G with the idea in mind that it would replace my old and slowly dying MacBook. I’ve had the device in my hands since April 30, and I’m still not completely sold on it.

In addition to my MacBook, I have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro for work. So, I’m pretty used to Apple products. Here are some random quips and tidbits about my iPad experience so far…

I was really impressed with Apple’s ability to make sure everyone who ordered the iPad 3G had it in their hands the same day it arrived in stores. I received my shipping notice 24 hours prior to delivery with instructions on what to do if I wouldn’t be home at the time of delivery. They really thought of everything to make sure consumers were satisfied with their delivery experience.

My iPhone feels TINY in comparison to the iPad. I am used to reading and responding to email on my phone and the email experience on the iPad was such a welcome change. Apps like Mail and WordPress have drop-down menus that appear  from the upper left corner rather than taking up the whole screen, and the interface is incredibly intuitive.

iPhone apps work on the iPad, but they are the same size as the iPhone screen. You can 2x their size, but this distorts and pixelates the experience.

Tweetie, my go to Twitter client, is not available as an iPad app. I started using Twitterrific and I wasn’t crazy about it so I switched to HelTweetica. It takes a little while to load, but has a pretty interface. I’m almost certain Tweetie will have something impressive for the iPad soon since they’ve just been acquired by Twitter.

iBooks was somewhat disappointing. The selection is incredibly limited and although some books are offered for free, you can’t beat the selection and standard $9.99 pricing of books from the iPad Kindle app. The iBooks bookshelf is pretty, but something about the Kindle app is more inviting.

The crisp quality of sound and video is showcased in the ABC Player app. You can watch just about any ABC show on demand with limited commercials. I noticed that I had to enter my password after a commercial break to get back to my program, that was kind of weird.

Harbor Master is probably my favorite game so far, it’s simple, easy, and can become addictive. All you do is draw a boat’s path to the dock, remove the boat after it unloads, and watch out for other boats.

Rob took GodFinger for a spin and really got into it. After farming for gold and giving his followers a much needed break by the campfire, he attempted to steal one of Leo Laporte‘s followers. He asked me to take care of his people when he had to go do something in the real world. There’s a lot more to GodFinger but I won’t get into it because I wouldn’t want you to say “sounds a lot like FarmVille, eh?” 😉


I think I’m starting to warm up to the iPad. I’ve been doing some work stuff on it and it’s really convenient and easy to handle as opposed to dragging a laptop around. I also just ordered a DODOcase for easy storage and transport.

I think this device is in fact revolutionary, I’m just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up 🙂

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  1. I bought the 3G as well. The real reason was to give my family something to surf the web on in place of a little netbook.

    I am still up in the air over the functionality. I think once a lot of the Services I use build iPad apps I will be sold.

    My wife loves to be able to surf the net with ease and we recently went on a very long road trip and it helped make the ride enjoyable.

    The real joy is watching my 1 1/2 year old son use it. He has been a youtube fanatic for quite some time. He would sit on our lap at our iMac and just yell “dat” for the next video he wanted to watch. Now we can open the youtube app and he can lay on the floor and pick the next video he wants to watch himself. We can’t even take it out when he is in the room, he loves it.

    Overall, so far so good.


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