This week, we are going to be releasing the sessions available from Day 1 of the HUB (Room A) at Podcamp Pittsburgh 4. Two very important notes as we post the videos starting this week.   First, the video you see is straight from the streams provided by the fine folks at Vivo, and edited thanks to Sorgatron Media.  A lot of this was subject to who may have used it previously (hence, some interesting angles or crowd shots during sessions).  Secondly, as you will see more so in some of the sessions to come this week, especially in the hub, there was a peaking issue when people used the microphones.  Aside from these small issues that we aim to smooth out for next year, we look forward to posting the majority of the sessions from the weekend in the coming weeks.  All videos are being posted under Creative Commons License, giving speakers and others the ability to download and repurpose as you would like. (and if you don’t know much about that, there should be a video on it soon)

To begin with, here is the way it started for everyone, despite your chosen schedule; the keynote. Justin Kownacki, the founder of Podcamp Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh City Councilman, Bill Peduto,who’s spearheaded such projects as the iBurgh app speak with us to open things up.

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