We’re going to share all the media, links, and feedback following Podcamp Pittsburgh 4. Send what you’ve got to “sessions [at] podcamppittsburgh d0t com” so we can keep the discussion and make the impact of your hard work that much more lasting. Also, please specify the session to which the material belongs. Thanks.

Deadly ninja of the online resources and interactive learning, Jess Knott, has posted her personal thoughts about visiting Pittsburgh for Podcamp Pgh 4. We need to start collecting names for all who plan to rent a bus or something to go visit her in Lansing when she starts a Podcamp there.

Check back to this post a little later for resources related to her Saturday session “Take a Screencast, It’ll Last Longer.” You can also visit the Podcamp Pitsburgh Slideshare group for the presentations that speakers have sent to us.

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